The Pratham Group has recently ventured into the business of Iron Ore Trading and Mining.

The Iron Ore Trade especially in the export sector has seen an exponential growth in the last 5 years with China being the biggest Iron Ore importer from India. This growth is only expected to double in the next ten years.

Pratham Group has started mining activities in the Iron Ore rich State of Goa in Karapur and Maina.

The quality of our Iron ore has always been the top priority, keeping in mind our clients' preferences and requirements. Pratham Iron Ore expects to meet the growth in this segment and industry by providing quality iron ore using our resources, infrastructure and modern technology.

Pratham Iron Ore
has ready available Iron Ore ranging from 52 Fe to 61 Fe Grade.

Pratham Group is also in the process of acquiring mines in the Sindhudurg Distirct of Maharashtra.

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